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Over Smartcap

Smartcap enthousiast ontvangen in Zwitserland!
Michelle Guiliano van www.bolderkids.com heeft een aantal caps besteld en hierbij haar eerste reactie:

Thanks so much for the caps!  I’ve been out of internet connectivity for some time and wanted to have a photo to share with you which I don’t yet have.  In fact we took the caps on vacation with us to the mountains and tried them ice skating a fine solution until the hockey pucks start flying and then we prefer to cover the boys faces with a proper face mask attached to the helmets.  SmartCAP functions and fits well and I have the impression that they’re quite ideal for students and youngsters who may need to pack their helmet into a sack to go to class or even a gym locker after commuting.  Selling an ultra thin sweat/skull cap is another marketing opportunity your team shouldn’t let go by – this is a sound idea both for profits (you may sell more than one esp. in colors) and for the general look as many skateboarders and Xsports people prefer to grow their hair long and probably don’t want it sticking out through the cracks as that simply doesn’t look very cool.

Thanks again for letting us trial these…our boys are pretty active and “out there” so we’ll see if this spring and summer season they aren’t getting some questions as we skate and roller hockey our way to happinessJ!

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